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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I sell the wholesale products for less than

"The Firas Collection" prices?

Yes, as a wholesale customer, you have the flexibility to set your own retail prices.

While we suggest maintaining a fair and competitive pricing strategy, you are free to adjust the prices as you see fit for your business model and market.

Q:  Will my wholesale products come with

Custom Labels or Custom Packaging?

No, our products do not come with custom labels or packaging.

We believe in empowering our customers to showcase their unique branding and creativity. You are responsible for providing your own custom labels and packaging to enhance your brand identity and stand out in the market.

No, we do not accept Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) payments.

Orders must be paid in full before the wholesale order is dispatched from our facility. We offer various secure payment methods for your convenience.

Q:  Do you accept Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.)?

Q:  Can I mention "The Firas Collection" for

marketing/sales purposes?

No, as part of the signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), customers are prohibited from using "The Firas Collection" name or brand for marketing or sales purposes.

It is essential for customers to utilize their own brand and ideas to promote and sell products effectively

Q:  Do I need an active membership to purchase

wholesale hair extensions from your company?

Yes, active membership is required to access and purchase wholesale hair extensions for your business.

Our wholesale program offers exclusive benefits and pricing tailored to meet the needs of salon owners, stylists, and other business professionals in the beauty industry

Q:  What are the benefits of becoming a member?

As a member, you gain access to our premium selection of wholesale hair extensions at discounted rates. Additionally, you receive priority support, exclusive offers, and access to new product launches.

Q:  Are there any restrictions on the use of the products purchased through the wholesale program?

While there are no restrictions on the use of the products themselves, members are required to adhere to our terms of service and usage guidelines outlined in the membership agreement.



Q:  Why do I need an active membership to purchase wholesale hair extensions?

Our active membership ensures that you have exclusive access to our premium wholesale hair extension products, allowing you to elevate your business with top-quality items at competitive prices. Unlocking membership privileges grants you the opportunity to browse our extensive selection and take advantage of special discounts and offers tailored to wholesale buyers.


Q:  How often do you restock your wholesale inventory?

Our wholesale inventory is regularly restocked to ensure availability for our members.


Q: Do you offer samples?

Yes, we offer sample packages for potential wholesale members to test our products before making bulk purchases. Send an email to  for More Information. 

Q:  How long does it take to process wholesale orders?

Wholesale orders typically take approx. 5-8 business days to process and ship, depending on order volume and product availability.

Questions or Concerns?


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