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Unlock the world of premium hair extensions with

The Firas Collection Wholesale Program!

 Gain access to our exclusive wholesale products by enrolling in our esteemed program designed for business owners like you.


Choose from flexible membership plans that renew monthly, every 6 months, or annually, tailored to meet your unique business requirements. Your membership fee covers the duration of your chosen plan, granting you unrestricted access to our comprehensive wholesale inventory.


Experience seamless ordering through our website, with confirmation of manufacturing availability provided within approximately 1 business day of order submission. Join our Wholesale Program today and elevate your business to new heights with The Firas Collection.

How Does It Work?

Automatic Renewal

With our automatic renewal system, your membership payment will be debited on the same day of each period, whether it's monthly, every six months, or annually.


Our Wholesale Membership provides you with the flexibility to cancel and rejoin as needed, ensuring that your membership aligns perfectly with your evolving business needs. Should you decide to reinstate your membership after a lapse of 30 calendar days, please note that a nominal reactivation fee of $25 will apply.


Join us today and enjoy seamless renewals tailored to your convenience.


M.O.Q. (Minimum Order Quantity)

At TFC Wholesale, we understand the importance of flexibility and choice!


That's why we allow our members complete freedom when it comes to selecting product lengths and textures, ensuring that you can tailor your orders to perfectly suit your business needs.


However, to maintain our competitive prices and provide the best value to our members, we do require a minimum order placement of 10 products per wholesale order. This minimum ensures that we can efficiently manage our inventory and production processes, ultimately enabling us to offer you the lowest possible prices.


While there are no restrictions on the frequency of orders you can place within a given month, each order must meet the minimum requirement to benefit from our wholesale pricing.

At The Firas Collection, we understand the importance of flexibility in managing your wholesale membership. You have the liberty to cancel and rejoin your membership at your convenience.

Please note that a nominal "reactivation fee" of $25 applies to memberships reinstated after a period of 30 calendar days of non-membership.

How to Cancel Your Active Membership:

  1. Log in to the Wholesale Website.

  2. Navigate to your Member profile located at the top of the webpage.

  3. Select "My Subscriptions" from the drop-down menu.

  4. Locate your membership plan and click the More Actions arrow.

  5. Choose "Cancel Subscription" from the options provided.

  6. Confirm your decision by clicking "Yes, Cancel."

Membership Cancellation Policy

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